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(Microblade + Powder Brows – over 3 days)


We cover 4 modalities:

  • Microblade
  • Microshade
  • Powder/Ombre Brow
  • Combination Brows


Our Advanced Microblade + Microshade Eyebrows course comprises of in-depth theory, practice and practical’s.

You will learn how to shape eyebrows correctly according to face shape and bone structure and place every hair stroke perfectly together with a gorgeous soft machine shaded background to create the most natural-looking eyebrows.

On completion of our highly informative, hands-on practical course, you will know how to utilise your tools efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, you will feel completely comfortable and confident to offer these services as well as competently perform these advanced procedures on your clients.



Do you have a deep passion for eyebrows?

Do have an innate sense of symmetry, perfection, and a realistic understanding of the dedication and commitment to  practice required in order to excel at this beautiful procedure?



Eyebrows Introduction

Sterility, Safety, Cleanliness & Sanitation

Trolley Setup

Anatomy and Physiology

Design and shaping

Advanced Colour Theory

Fitzpatrick Skin Tones

Special considerations

Pigment Retention Influencers and Contraindications

Understanding your tools

Legal Documents/Forms

Hair Stroke + shading Rules

Preparation  / Consultation

Alopecia clients


Pigment colour choices + cheat sheets

Skin types

Creating 3D Brows

Microblade + Shading Techniques

Structure of the skin

Real Case Studies

Post Procedure

After Care Instructions

The Healing Process

Refinement / Touch Ups

Business / Marketing / Photography

Shopping List

Exclusive Student Discount Voucher

Designer Templates

Brow Templates

Certification Requirements

Ongoing support


Permanent Eyebrows have taken the world by storm.  When correctly applied, the microblade technique delivers gorgeous fine, crisp individual ‘hair’ strokes, while ombre, powder brows are best created by machine.

Learn how to safely apply the finest individual hair-strokes that follow your client’s natural hair growth pattern, while the shading techniques add a beautiful ombre powdery background creating a naturally fuller, smooth-flowing appearance.  In turn, the permanent eyebrows will appear multi-dimensional, incredibly realistic and perfectly shaped.


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